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Gizmo Precision Winder

Effective November 15, the new winder is available.
Contact us for counter and torque meter information.

Gizmo Precision Winder ... designed to "torque up" the motors that you folks are connecting to our Gizmo Precision Freewheelers. This winder has all of the sought-after features desired by the FF pro and novice alike... plus some very unique features that only the GizmoGeezer could dream up!

- Notice to Winder Owners -
Ensure that the attachment thumbscrew is very tight and check it regularly.
Click Here for instructions on changing the battery.

1. Five ball bearings give this winder silky smooth operation ..... just the thing for the experienced flyer who likes to "feel" the rubber motor.
2. The new high-quality geared Electronic Turns Counter xx.
3. The Torque Meter is a GizmoGeezer innovation. This "coaxial" design, with an output of zero to 24, is very precise owing in part to the linear scale which has an effective length of over 6 in.
4. The winder is perfectly balanced with the counter and torque meter in close proximity so that they may be easily read at a glance. (See top view photo)
5. The crank handle length arm may be adjusted on the fly to give high-speed, low-torque winding (20 to 25 rpm), then automatically adjusts to a lower-speed, high-torque operation. Tension is fully-adjustable or can be disabled by following instructions included.
6. Gear ratio is 1:5.

Winder, counter and torque meter are 100% guaranteed...

"I thought the winder looked a little lightweight, so
I tried to break it!   ... But I couldn't do it!"                 ... Bob Blair, Louisville, KY

If you would like to review the User's Guide for the Winder, please click here.

If you would like to review the User's Guide for the Torque Meter, please click here.

Gizmo Precision Winder

Gizmo Precision Winder / Torque Meter - Top View